About Aloha911

Aloha911 is owned and operated by Rick Karasaki.

What does Aloha911 mean?

Aloha is more than a word or definition. Aloha is an attitude, a way of living. Aloha means to be the first to offer help, and to do it because it is the right thing to do.  It is the spirit of cooperation, knowing deep within ourselves that we must work together instead of in competition. With aloha, we live with gratitude, and share our talents with others to make the world a better place.

It is with this spirit that we run the company. Aloha911 seeks to be an ambassador of aloha to the world-wide community. Our mission is to connect individuals, businesses, and government agencies together.  By working with each other and building lines of knowledge and communication, we can be prepared.

We usually associate 911 as a phone number to call when you need help, so we hope you think of calling Aloha911 to help you before disaster strikes.

What does Aloha911 provide?

1.     Planning – Our first step is to help you develop a disaster plan, and provide training on how to be prepared for the dangers ahead.

2.     Response – Having a plan allows you to properly access and react to a situation.

3.     Recovery –By working together with your community and knowing how to access all the resources available, you can make it through to better days.

4.     Post-incidence Analysis – Reviewing what worked, and what didn’t work for our clients as well as organizations across the globe keeps us on the leading edge of disaster management.